SECU 17 MOB Pack


MOB pack with lid and fastening loops, comprised of 100N Foam Lifejacket SECU 17 with 3M® retro-reflective strips, signal whistle, buoyant rescue line (30 m).

The SECU 17 – the classic among inherent buoyancy lifejackets as an alternative to a rescue ring and simply indestructible. Indispensable as a reserve lifejacket and a throwing weight for the rescue line giving accuracy of aim.

Recommended optional extras in MOB pack: emergency light SECULUX L92, recovery aid SECULIFT LWS25.

The complete MOB pack incl. optional extras: SECU 17 with SECULIFT, rescue line and light practically stowed in a bag as man overboard packwith recovery system. This combination is superior to any conventional life sling.

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