SECUMAR Survival Duo Protect


The SURVIVAL 275 DUO PROTECT is an offshore sailing lifejacket. It was ergonomically developed with more freedom of movement for the head and neck. That‘s the definitive design element for exceptional wearer comfort in this new SURVIVAL model. The secret is in pre-forming the shoulder area. So it remains stable and doesn‘t‚ load up‘ on the back of the neck.

The buoyancy chamber is shaped in the high performance WINGLET-design for better freeboard and turning power. It is equipped with an endurable multi-layer skin, called Duo Protect system. This is an inner protection for the buoyancy chamber against mechanical damage. It offers a higher resistance against wear and tear even during intensive use.

An integrated deck safety harness is equipped with a textiel D-Ring to reduce weight and avoid scratches on deck.

The shorter cut, rear padded webbing harness as well as having a front ‚Click‘ buckle all add to the wearer‘s comfort. Bt it‘s not short on safety – Crutch strap and sprayhood as standard. PLB and SOLAS light optional. All these features make the SURVIVAL 275 Duo Protect the perfect offshore sailing lifejacket.

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