Ursuit Easy flydedragt


The Ursuit Easy is a stylish dry suit that is easy to dress and undress. Perfect allround suit for fishing and boating.

s its name indicates, the Ursuit Easy is extremely easy to dress and wear. The front zipper opens at the neck seal, assuring easy and fast donning. The dry zipper is covered by a protecting flap with push buttons. The high collar with fleece lining is detachable when not required. A protecting hood is found inside the collar.Thanks to the integrated socks, you can choose the footwear which fits your needs in the best possible way. Thanks to the stylish design, this suit is more like normal clothing than a dry suit. The fit is also optimal for women thanks to the adjustable waist band. Water tight chest pockets are standard. The thigh pocket is equipped with fasteners for the attaching of a Squeeze Lock knife (the knife itself is optional). Material is vapor permeable and water tight 4-Tex® fabric. Seam structure is patented Flat Seam technology.

Thanks to this technology, multiple layers can be avoided. Prominent reflective tapes assure the visibility. The wrist and neck seals are made of elastic neoprene, making dressing easier and adding to the thermal insulation at the wrists and neck. A protecting hood is found inside the collar. Separate neoprene gloves and hood give additional thermal protection. Knee and back reinforcements.

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