Ursuit Gemino Operative


The two-piece Ursuit® Gemino Operative keeps you dry in all conditions, no matter whether your passion is fishing, sailing or paddling.

Gemino Operative is a two-piece suit, with separate trousers and jacket, which can be combined into a drysuit with the waterproof waist zipper and Ursuk’s patented ZipLock system. Material is a four-layer 4-Tex®, that is breathable but still waterproof. Neck and wrist seals are waterproof and warming Super Stretch Neoprene. Knee and back reinforcements.

Thanks to integrated 4-Tex® socks you can choose shoes that fits best for your needs. Large thigh pockets, side-opened front pocket in jacket, leg and wrist tightening with reflective tapes, high collar lined with water resistant fleece and a yellow fluorescent hood inside the collar are features included to Ursuit Operative. The trousers have integrated suspenders and a pocket for phone. The set includes separate neoprene hood, gloves and user manual with fast repair patches.

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